A New Memorandum of Understanding with Climate Stewards

The John Ray Initiative is pleased to announce that we have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding with Climate Stewards. We have a long association with Climate Stewards. Dr. Martin Hodson, the JRI Operations Director, was temporary CEO while the search was made for a permanent appointment. The present Climate Stewards CEO, Caroline Pomeroy, has spoken at several JRI events in the last few years as well as contributing to our blog. She has also called on the scientific expertise of JRI on several occasions. Climate Stewards and JRI have long had an informal agreement to promote each other’s activities and events, particularly on Twitter.

The new MOU extends our informal arrangements. We will now offset our staff travel carbon emissions with Climate Stewards and encourage those associated with JRI to do the same. In fact, you could make a start on this by going HERE.

Dr Martin J Hodson

JRI Operations Director