Beyond Ecosystem Services: Valuing the Invaluable

Richard M. Gunton, Eline N. van Asperen, Andrew Basden, David Bookless, Yoseph Araya, David R. Hanson, Mark A. Goddard, George Otieno, Gareth O. Jones (2017) Beyond Ecosystem Services: Valuing the Invaluable. Trends in Ecology & Evolution DOI:

It is not often that we report on publications in secular academic journals, but this one is a little unusual. Essentially here we have a group of Christian scholars looking at the concept of Ecosystem Services, and trying to work out how it can be improved. The Faith-in-Scholarship Working Group on Ecosystem Services (FiSWES) did just that. The paper is behind a paywall, but the abstract is HERE. If you would like a copy of the paper Contact Us, and we will pass on your request to Richard Gunton. More information on the work of the FiSWES group can be found HERE.

The great news is that seven of the nine authors will be with us at our Nature in the Balance conference. Dave Bookless is one of our keynote speakers and eight members of the FiSWES group are involved in giving seminars (two were not involved with the paper). Yoseph Araya, one of the authors, produced us a nice little promotional VIDEO which promotes the conference.