“Climate Change – Encouragement, Reproof and Challenge to the Christian Community” – extracts from a sermon by Dr David Golding

Preaching in Newcastle’s St Nicholas’ Cathedral on 15th Nov, Dr David Golding explained that he was asked to write a brief summary of his current work for the website of his church, Whitley Bay Baptist Church. When he looked at it again, sometime later, he was quite shocked to find that he’d concluded by saying that, “My greatest ongoing burden is the widespread, studied indifference within the Christian community to the monstrous threat and injustice of climate change.”

“Ouch!”, he said, “Did I really write that?” Yes, it seems so. He continued… “You may well find this message unpalatable, but if so, I direct your attention to Isaiah 30, verse 10: ‘They (the people) say to the prophets, ‘Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions!’”

[The North East Call to Action website is no longer available – January 2023]

Editor’s Note: Dr Golding’s sermon in St Nicholas’ Cathedral was too long to post in full so we have provided a link. The brief extracts quoted above are a challenge to us all and particularly so at the commencement of the COP21 Climate Change talks in Paris.