Climate Change – on the radar of the Church? by Dr David Golding

To read a Christian campaigner’s lament at the widespread, studied indifference within the Christian community to the monstrous threat and injustice of climate change, please see this letter published in the Evangelical Alliance magazine “Idea”:

“Climate change – on the radar of the Church?”

When asking us to make the letter more widely known Dr Golding also asked us to add that it is greatly to the credit of the Evangelical Alliance and its editor, and showed remarkable integrity and generosity, that it published this letter, in full and without change.

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  1. Peter Lornie

    Dr Golding’s letter is a timely reminder to all of us not to let climate change “slip off the radar”. Currently (16 – 26 May) there is a meeting in Bonn under the UNFCCC but it has had almost no media attention. (A lot of the groundwork takes place in meetings between the main COP Meetings towards the end of each year). The Paris agreement is by no means “job done”. To come into force it needs ratification by states covering 55% of emissions and the table on the UNFCCC website indicates we at present are a long way from that.

    The INDCs are still far short of what would be needed to keep the temperature rise to less than 2 deg C above pre-industrial. Realistic timescales to decarbonise are such that it is almost certain that to limit the temperature increase to no more than 1.5 deg C above pre-industrial negative greenhouse gas emissions would be needed during the second half of the century.

    So please keep praying and raising awareness in your churches and communities.

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