COVID-19: Environment, Justice, and the Future

New Publication! “COVID-19: Environment, Justice, and the Future”, a new Grove booklet, was written in three weeks by a team of Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund), Dr Martin Hodson (JRI), Revd Margot Hodson (JRI), and Revd Dr Timothy Howles (William Temple Foundation, and a CRES tutor). It covers the origins of the pandemic, the environmental impacts of the lockdowns, and how to build back in a just and sustainable way. The booklet is now published and can be found HERE. Revd Dr Ian Paul, the chief editor of Grove booklets, has published a Blog Post summarising the booklet and providing commentary from his perspective. The booklet costs £3.95 including post and package (Do note the dropdown box for “Formats” where you can toggle from Paperback to a Digital format)