Environment and Hope Edition of Anvil

Top row l or r: Revd Margot R. Hodson, Dr Martin J. Hodson, Revd Dr John Weaver, Prof Richard Bauckham. Bottom Row l to r: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Andy Atkins, Bishop Geoff Davies.

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special edition of the theology journal Anvil on the topic of “Environment and Hope“, with guest editors,  Rev. Margot Hodson and Dr Martin Hodson. This represents the culmination of nearly 3 years work in collaboration with A Rocha UK. All of the papers are open access and are free to download.

Anvil Volume 29, Issue 1 (Sep 2013), pp. 1 – 129.

Margot R. Hodson: Editorial: Discovering a Robust Hope for Life on a Fragile Planet. pp. 1-6.

Martin J. Hodson: Losing Hope? The Environmental Crisis Today. pp. 7-23.

John Weaver: Exploring Hope. pp. 25-41.

Richard Bauckham: Ecological Hope in Crisis? pp. 43-54.

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba: Hope and the Environment: A Perspective from the Majority World. pp. 55-70.

Andy Atkins: Communicating Hope in the Real World. pp. 71-86.

Bishop Geoff Davies: SAFCEI (Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute). pp. 87-91.

Book Reviews from 2011 to 2013. pp. 93-112.

Reviews of Books Published Before 2011. pp. 113-129.