Environment and Hope Edition of Anvil

Top row l or r: Revd Margot R. Hodson, Dr Martin J. Hodson, Revd Dr John Weaver, Prof Richard Bauckham. Bottom Row l to r: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Andy Atkins, Bishop Geoff Davies.

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special edition of the theology journal Anvil on the topic of “Environment and Hope”, with guest editors,  Rev. Margot Hodson and Dr Martin Hodson. This represents the culmination of nearly 3 years work in collaboration with A Rocha UK. All of the papers are open access and are free to download.

As at 30 April 2022 the Church Mission Society website which previously hosted these articles is undergoing development. The papers may now be available from the Anvil archive page of their site.

As soon as we have updated links for each article we will restore the direct links from this page.

Anvil Volume 29, Issue 1 (Sep 2013), pp. 1 – 129.

Margot R. Hodson: Editorial: Discovering a Robust Hope for Life on a Fragile Planet. pp. 1-6.

Martin J. Hodson: Losing Hope? The Environmental Crisis Today. pp. 7-23.

John Weaver: Exploring Hope. pp. 25-41.

Richard Bauckham: Ecological Hope in Crisis? pp. 43-54.

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba: Hope and the Environment: A Perspective from the Majority World. pp. 55-70.

Andy Atkins: Communicating Hope in the Real World. pp. 71-86.

Bishop Geoff Davies: SAFCEI (Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute). pp. 87-91.

Book Reviews from 2011 to 2013. pp. 93-112.

Reviews of Books Published Before 2011. pp. 113-129.