European Environmental Policy: Post Brexit what should we do?

The John Ray Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper number 31 European Environmental Policy: Post Brexit what should we do? by the Chair of JRI, Revd Dr John Weaver. The European Union was the first major economy to table its commitment in the run up to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), and continues on its path of transition to a low-carbon economy and society. The past record of Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, shows that she has generally voted against measures to prevent climate change, although she has announced that the UK will ratify the Paris Agreement ‘by the end of the year’. With scientists pointing to a situation requiring increasingly urgent action, this paper explores current European Environmental Policy in its global context, and the impact that Brexit – with its current uncertainties – may have. The Christian call to engagement and action, as organisations and individuals, in response to the threats and fears, is presented as hope-filled discipleship ‘focused and centred in God’. The Briefing Paper is available from this link as an 8 page PDF. The special Briefing Paper for Paris (COP21) and John Weaver’s recent paper on the subject of ‘Fracking’ are available from the Briefings page.