Conferences and Other Events

The John Ray Initiative (JRI) has organised or collaborated in many conferences, seminars and consultations. Some are listed below with links to outputs. Please contact the JRI office if additional information is required as archive material is usually available.

March 2016 Conference A Sustainable Future? A serious look at the new Sustainable Development Goals Reports and downloads can be found here

Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change Redcliffe College, March 2015

Sustainable Communities: What has the church got to offer? Redcliffe College, March 2014. Videos (on YouTube) of keynote speakers Ruth Valerio and Tim Gorringe

Genetically modified food and crops, Redcliffe College, March 2013.
Full report with video and audio recordings, and Powerpoint files.

Communicating Hope, May 2012. Brief summary.

Water for Life, March 2012. Summaries with audio recordings and slideshows available. Also revised texts and additional papers in Redcliffe’s Encounters magazine.

Energising the Future, March 2011. A report and report extracted from JRI Newsletter 26.
Also a short initial report.

Climate Change and Uncertainty, November 2010. JRI conference with four speakers: Myles Allen (Head of the Climate Dynamics group at Oxford University), Paul Chambers (Department of Energy and Climate Change), Mark Lynas (journalist and author of “Six Degrees”), and John Weaver (Principal, South Wales Baptist College). Summaries of talks and some slideshows.

CRES Field Trip to Whetstone Fruit Farm in Leicestershire, July 2010.
A brief report.

Food Futures, March 2010. The main speakers were Mike Rayner, Patrick Mulvany, and Ruth Valerio. The full report (extracted from JRI Newsletter 23) has summaries of each talk.

Pre-Copenhagen Consultation, November 2009. Forty JRI Associates and invited guests met at Stoneleigh, timed just before the intergovernmental climate conference. There were four speakers: Ben Niblett, Sir John Houghton. Summaries of the presentations and discussions are available.

Just Living: the quest for fairness in a finite world, January 2009. The speakers were Dr Dewi Hughes, Peter Price-Thomas, Andy Kingston-Smith, and Ruth Valerio. Revised texts and additional papers in Redcliffe’s Encounters magazine issue 28.

Root Causes of Environmental Unsustainability, June 2008, was organised by the Faraday Institute and JRI. Page with links to all the talks’ audio recordings.

Hope for Planet Earth 2008-09 – see dedicated page on the JRI website

Eschatology, Redcliffe College, 2008.

Population and biodiversity: too many stewards, not enough creation. March 2007.

Towards Creation’s Recovery, March 2005. Including speaker Dr John Sale on biodiversity.

Environmental Decision Making in a Technological Age, April 2001. Talks were published in the online journal Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics and are freely accessible.