Exploitation of the Earth, Exploitation of People

Revd Dr John Weaver

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper number 45, “Exploitation of the Earth, Exploitation of People” by Revd Dr John Weaver, Vice-Chair of JRI. This paper is an extract from John’s chapter of the same title in Dan Pratt (editor), Slavery-Free Communities. Emerging Theologies and Faith Responses to Modern Slavery. Its central theme is the evidence of divine righteousness and divine justice and God’s call on Christians to reveal God’s intention to restore the righteous peace of the whole of creation. The paper considers the impact of climate change on the poorest people of the world, the economic and political systems which contribute to increased vulnerability and forced migration, and the ‘love of God, love of neighbour’ which compels Christians to consider their engagement with these issues through personal reflection and action. Briefing Paper 45 is available as a pdf download (7 pages) from this link.

Greenhouse Farms Almeira Spain

Aerial view of huge greenhouse farms near Almeria, Spain by Novikov Aleksey, Royalty Free stock photo ID: 1198166203