In the Eye of the Storm: The Autobiography of Sir John Houghton

Published on 18th October – the autobiography of JRI’s President. From the book’s description: “Sir John Houghton’s life chronicles the history of climate science. As progress has been made in the scientific measuring of climate, a worrying picture has emerged. And as Houghton and others have sought to make those worries clear, they have discovered that, for some, this is an inconvenient truth.

The author says ‘The warning is now urgent. The science is now robust, time is moving on, and humankind is responding far too slowly. God has granted us stewardship of this planet. It is a creation full of wonder and we must do everything in our power to keep it so.’ ‘The warning has always been there, but opposing forces have prevented us from hearing it.’ Sir John Houghton is still battling. This book is part of that battle.”

About Sir John Houghton.

This book is now out of print but a few copies are available to purchase through The John Ray Initiative. Second-hand editions can usually be found through Amazon, ebay, World of Books, Abebooks etc.

Dr Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor of Northland – A Church Distributed – Orlando, Florida:

“This is the most edifying, personally engaging book on climate change I’ve ever read. Sir John Houghton is not only an icon of scientific credibility in this field, he is broadly revered as a moral voice of reason by those of us who are leaders in religious communities.”

Bob White, Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University and Director of the Faraday Institute:

“In the Eye of the Storm’ is an inspiring record of one man’s journey from a childhood curiosity with the world around us to receiving the Nobel Prize on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change some 70 years later. During that period he did as much as anyone to bring the importance of global climate change to public consciousness. The ups and downs of that process are interwoven in this account with the joys and sadnesses of John Houghton’s own family life and with reflections on his strong Christian faith. It is a fascinating read for anyone concerned about the future of our beautiful yet fragile planet.”

Chapter Titles:

  • Why weren’t we warned?
  • The incubation of a scientist.
  • Glimpses of the big picture
  • Return to the spires
  • Breakthrough
  • We have lift-off Further work with NASA
  • Nullius in verba: Take nothing for granted
  • Climate change in the 1970s
  • Learning on the job
  • The weatherman
  • Loss and optimism
  • The formation of the IPCC
  • The first IPCC assessment report 1990
  • The second IPCC report 1995
  • Dirty tactics
  • Commissions and reports
  • The third and fourth IPCC reports
  • The truth will out
  • Towards a sustainable world
  • Progress and obstacles
  • Making money work
  • America the potentially great
  • Today
  • Glimpses of Truth
  • Where are we now?

The book is co-authored by Gill Tavner, and is around 290 pages.