Introduction from the Editor

Hello everyone. These are a few words by way of introduction. My name is Peter Lornie and JRI have asked me to be the editor of their new blog. I am a physicist by training and spent my working career in a technical role in industry. I took the opportunity a couple of years ago to become semi-retired so that I would have more time to spend on environmental issues.

I became a christian part way through my first term at university in 1968. I live in Essex and am part of the leadership team of the local Baptist church. I have been involved with JRI for several years now and so some of you may have met me at various JRI events.

Although I used to post quite a bit on the old JRI Forum, I am new to blogging so please accept my apologies if there are a few early glitches. We intend to publish posts from a wide range of JRI Associates, and possibly a few guests. Over time I hope we will develop our own particular niche that complements but does not duplicate other christian/environmental blogs by providing a biblical perspective on some of the scientific and technical issues relating to the environment that are in the headlines (and perhaps some that aren’t but should be). I hope the blog will gradually develop into a useful resource for those in churches where there is not yet a clear local voice on creation care.

In addition to having regular up to date posts, the value of a blog also lies in having a lively discussion thread following the posts; therefore once we have ironed out any teething issues we will enable the commenting facility. Comments and questions will then be welcome – but please make them polite and on topic. The feedback we receive through your comments will help us to gauge whether we are pitching things at the right level and how wide a readership we are reaching.

As I write this introduction, the COP 19 Climate talks in Warsaw are struggling. Several of the environmental NGOs walked out in protest yesterday at the lack of progress. I was looking at the slides from the Tyndall Centre’s side-event in Warsaw yesterday morning. (They are available as a pdf on the Tyndall Centre website). They portray quite starkly the gap between what the science indicates and where policy has currently reached. Hopefully through this blog we can start to bridge that gap by making the science more accessible to non-scientists, particularly to those in local congregations, and thus play our part in helping JRI to fulfil its Vision and Mission statements:

 Vision Statement

“To bring together scientific, technological and Christian understanding of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective action.”

Mission Statement

“To promote responsible environmental stewardship in accordance with Christian principles through Education, Research and Advocacy.”