Are you a Christian concerned about the environment?

If the answer is YES, then YOU might like to get involved with JRI!

JRI Associates are a learning community of people committed to integrating their Christian faith with a practical concern for the environment, and working this out in their roles in home, church, work and society. JRI Associates undergo a process of accreditation, which may include some formal study. Within the learning community, they share and develop their study and skills and work in partnership with JRI staff and directors to promote a Christian approach to the environment.

JRI membership

Associates are invited to become members of JRI (with a vote at the  AGM) and help shape the future of the organisation.

Becoming an Associate

If you are interested in becoming an Associate, the first step is to contact us, including your CV or similar documentation. This will be considered by a review group, which may recommend that you follow a course of study or attend a study day.

The qualifications for becoming a JRI Associates are:

1) a commitment to further JRI’s mission and aims;

2) assent to JRI’s basis of faith;

3) recommendation from church attended, or other recommendation as appropriate,

4) some competence in environmental studies and theology. This may be shown by qualifications, publications, or participation in a JRI study day, or course, and an appropriate assignment. Those with significant previous experience across a broad range of expertise may be invited to become an Associate on the basis of their past experience.

Diagram of route to becoming a JRI Associate:

An alternative route to accreditation as an Associate includes the course Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES) course.

We ask that where possible each Associate makes an annual contribution of at least £25 to help support the work of JRI.

Download the Associates application form.

If you wish to submit an Associates application electronically a .docx file version can be downloaded here

JRI’s Basis of Faith

1. I declare my belief in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and my faith in Jesus as Saviour, Lord and God.

2. I acknowledge the Bible as the inspired word of God, the final authority in matters of faith and conduct, and Creation as the work of God, entrusted to humans to respect and care for.

3. I accept my obligation to be a careful steward of God’s Creation, encouraging the responsible use of science and technology in pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development.