Margot Hodson

Revd Margot Hodson

Revd Margot R Hodson is Associate Vicar of the Shill Valley and Broadshire Benefice in Oxfordshire and was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. Margot has published several books including Cherishing the Earth (with Martin Hodson, 2008), Uncovering Isaiah’s Environmental Ethics (2011),  The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism (with Martin Hodson, 2015), A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues (with Martin Hodson, 2015, 2nd edition 2021), An Introduction to Environmental Ethics (with Martin Hodson, 2017), E 198 COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future (with Ruth Valerio, Margot Hodson & Timothy Howles, 2020), and Green Reflections: Biblical inspiration for sustainable living (with Martin Hodson, 2021).