JRI and COP21

JRI was very active during the COP21 climate change meeting in Paris in December 2015. As a result we produced five resources that come at the topic from a variety of angles.

Paris, Paris – COP21, a personal reflection and review. A special briefing by Dr. Martin Hodson.

Paris, Romans and the Dark Side of the Force. A theological reflection by Rev. Margot Hodson.

“Jam Tomorrow?”:Reflections on the COP21 Paris Conference. A theological reflection by Rev. Dr. John Weaver.

Climate Agreement requires priests and prophets. A report from Dr. Tjirk van der Ziel, who attended COP21.

JRI Twitter Feed concerning COP21. A Storify presentation of JRI activities in the run up to Paris and during the conference. Note that you don’t need a Twitter account to use this.