Natural Radioactivity, Radiation Exposure and Our Environment – BP37

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of JRI Briefing Paper number 37, Natural Radioactivity, Radiation Exposure and Our Environment by Dr. Robert S. Dutch. This briefing paper looks at natural radioactivity, radiation exposure and the environment, with a focus on ionising radiation which may have biological effects on cells. The paper considers our nuclear-powered and radioactive universe, identifies the four main sources of natural radioactivity and radiation exposures on Earth, as well as supplementary sources, and reflects on these findings from a Christian perspective. Dr. Dutch is a former tutor at the nuclear training centre and course administrator and tutor in New Testament Greek at Bristol Baptist College, he is a member of Christians in Science and author of the book “Let There Be Light!” Nuclear Energy: A Christian Case (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2017). The Briefing Paper is available from the Briefings page on this website in pdf and ebook formats.

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