Publications by JRI Associates

JRI Associates have authored (or co-authored) a wide range of resources in the area of environment and the Christian faith, many of which are listed below. They have also been involved in writing some of the JRI Briefing Papers.

McKeown, J.P, “God’s Babies – Natalism and Bible interpretation in modern America” “This is an important book on an under-researched topic about which scholars and the general public urgently need to be better informed. McKeown offers a lucid, thorough and persuasive critique of Christian pronatalist theologies and ideologies, exploring their historical roots and showing why they exert such influence today. His work supplies a missing piece of the jigsaw of Christian environmental ethics, and deserves to be widely read.” — Rachel Muers, Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies, University of Leeds Available from–natalism-and-bible-interpretation-in-modern-america

Special issue of theology journal Anvil Volume 29.1 (Sept. 2013) on “Environment and Hope“ with guest editor Margot R. Hodson “Discovering a Robust Hope for Life on a Fragile Planet” (pp. 1-6). Includes articles by Martin J. Hodson, “Losing Hope? The Environmental Crisis Today” (pp. 7-23), and John Weaver, “Exploring Hope” (pp. 25-41). The papers are open access.

Berry, R. J. “Disputing evolution encourages environmental neglect.” Science & Christian Belief, 25 (2013): 113-130. Moo, Jonathan and Robert White, Hope in an Age of Despair : The Gospel and the Future of Life on Earth. Nottingham: Inter-Varsity Press, 2013. Buy from Faraday Institute shop. Hodson,

Martin J. and Margot Hodson. “Climate Justice: contemporary developments in science, policy, action and theology.” In Carnival Kingdom – biblical justice for global communities. Eds. M. Hoek, J. Ingleby, C. Kingston-Smith, & A. Kingston-Smith. Wide Margin, 2013. pp. 125-143. Free download.

Berry, R. J. “Creation care: stewardship or what?” Science and Christian Belief, 24.2 (Oct 2012): 169-185.

Lockwood, John. “Atmospheric Processes” chapter 4 in An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment (Third Edition). Edited by Joseph Holden. Pearson, 2012.pages 77-116. Chapter includes discussion of causes and results of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Fourth edition of this book was published in 2017.

McKeown, John P. US Protestant natalist reception of Old Testament “fruitful verses”: an ecological critique. PhD thesis, Feb. 2012. Liverpool University

Weaver, John. “Hopeful Disciples in a Time of Climate Change” in Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures : Essays in Honour of Ernest Lucas, eds. Stephen Finamore & John Weaver. Regent’s Park and Bristol Baptist College, 2012.

Berry, R. J. “John Ray, physico-theology and afterwards.” Archives of Natural History, 38.2 (Oct 2011): 328-348. Abstract.

Hodson, Margot R. Uncovering Isaiah’s Environmental Ethics. Cambridge: Grove Books, 2011.

Hodson, Martin J. and Margot R. Hodson. Climate Change, Faith and Rural Communities. Agriculture and Theology Project, Northampton, 2011. Abstract, details, and availability.

Weaver, John. “Climate Change: Covenant making, breaking and restoration.” Journal of European Baptist Studies 11.2 (January 2011): 35-48.

Hodson, Margot R. “Storm clouds and mission: creation care and environmental crisis.” In Holistic Mission: God’s Plan for God’s People, eds. B.E. Woolnough and W. Ma. Oxford: Regnum Books, 2010.

Tai, Kaihsu (member of working group). Synthetic Biology: Report to the General Assembly. Church and Society Council, Church of Scotland, 2010.

Weaver, John. Christianity and Science : Core Text. London: SCM Press, 2010.

Berry, R. J. Real Scientists, Real Faith. Oxford: Monarch, 2009.

Houghton, John T. Global Warming : the Complete Briefing. 4th edition. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Marlow, Hilary. Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics : Re-reading Amos, Hosea, and First Isaiah. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Weaver, John. “The Challenge of Evolutionary Theory for the 21st Century Church.” Faith & Thought, 46 (April 2009), The Victoria Institute.

Weaver, John. ‘Creation’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Science and Faith’, ‘Society’, in A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought ed. J. Briggs. Paternoster, 2009.

Creation in Crisis : Christian Perspectives on Sustainability, ed. Robert White. London: SPCK, 2009. Includes chapters by James McCarthy, Donald Hay, Ellen Davis, John Houghton, Calvin DeWitt, Richard Carter, Rene Padilla, Richard Bauckham, Michael Northcott, and others. Buy from Faraday Institute. Developed from talks given at the Faraday/JRI conference The Root Causes of Environmental Unsustainability.

Berry, R. J. “Sustaining diversity or developing sustainably.” In Creation’s Diversity : Voices from Theology and Science. 115-32. Edited by Drees, W.B., Meisinger, H. & Smedes, T. London: Continuum, 2008.

Hodson, Margot R. and Martin J. Hodson. Cherishing the Earth : How to Care for God’s Creation. Oxford: Monarch, 2008. Synopsis, bible studies.

Marlow, Hilary. The Earth is the Lord’s : a Biblical Response to Environmental Issues. Cambridge: Grove Books, 2008.

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Russell, Colin A. Saving Planet Earth : a Christian Response. Milton Keynes: Authentic, 2008. Reviews by David Thistlethwaite, and by Steve Bishop.

When Enough is Enough : a Christian Framework for Environmental Sustainability, ed. R. J. Berry. Nottingham: Apollos, 2007. Chapter contents, and publisher’s description.

Spencer, Nick, and Robert White. Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living. London: SPCK, 2007. Accompanying bible studies available via Jubilee Centre.

Tai, Kaihsu, and Basden, Andrew. “The green philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd (The philosophy of the cosmonomic idea: a green view). Pages 196–199 in Proceedings of the Second Green Economics Conference: Exploring the Complex Mesh of Social and Environmental Justice, eds. Miriam Kennet and Volker Heinemann. Reading: Green Economics Institute, 2007. ISBN 978-09554646-3-8.

Weaver, John, and Margot Hodson. The Place of Environmental Theology : a Guide for Seminaries, Colleges and Universities. Whitley Trust International, Oxford; Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague: 2007.

Environmental Stewardship : Critical Perspectives, Past and Present ed. R. J. Berry. London: T&T Clark, 2006.

Berry, R. J. God’s Book of Works : the Nature and Theology of Nature. London: T. & T. Clark, 2003. Preview text.

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The Care of Creation : Focusing Concern and Action, ed. R. J. Berry. Leicester: Inter-Varsity, 2000. JRI published a collection of chapters by eminent theologians and biblical scholars in the journal Transformation and in A Christian Approach to the Environment edited by R. Carling.

Weaver, John. Earthshaping, Earthkeeping : a Doctrine of Creation. London: Lynx/SPCK, 1999.

Engineering Genesis: Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Non-human Species eds. Donald Bruce and Ann Bruce. London: Routledge, 1998. Experts in genetics, agriculture, animal welfare, ethics, theology, sociology and risk were brought together by the Society, Religion and Technology Project of the Church of Scotland. Their case studies consider innovations in animal cloning, pharmaceutical production from animals, cross-species transplants, and, genetically modified foods.

Weaver, John. “Green Preaching.” Preaching Today 41.2 (1998).

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Berry, R. J. God & the Biologist : Faith At the Frontiers of Science. Leicester: Apollos, 1996.

Houghton, John T. The Search for God : Can Science Help. Oxford: Lion, 1996. Paperback. Some copies for purchase are held by The John Ray Initiative

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