Green Grove

For many years Grove Books have been producing 10,000-word monographs on a whole variety of topics. Since 2008, JRI Director of Theology and Education, Margot Hodson, has been on the committee for the Ethics booklets. We thought it would be useful for our supporters if we could bring all of the material together on one page so that it is easier to see what is available. By far the majority of the booklets focussed on aspects of the environment are published in the Ethics Series and we will start with those, and then look at offerings in other series. Finally, we will consider a series of videos that Grove is offering.

Ethics Series

E209 You Can’t Eat Grass by Greg Forster

E201 Marine Plastics by Robert D. Sluka.

E 198 COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future by Ruth Valerio, Martin J. Hodson, Margot R. Hodson & Timothy Howles. (For more details and analysis of the material in this booklet go HERE)

E 196 The Book of Job and Environmental Ethics: The Message from the Whirlwind  by John J. Bimson

E 194 The Plant-based Diet: A Christian Option? by Mia Smith

E 192 Responding Faithfully to the Environmental Crisis: Christianity at the Time of the Anthropocene by Timothy Howles. (For a related blog by Timothy Howles go HERE)

E 184 An Introduction to Environmental Ethics by Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson. (Martin Hodson compared this booklet with “Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction” by Robin Attfield HERE)

E 177 The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism by Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson

E 169 Urban Eco-mission: Healing the Land in the Post-industrial City by Paul Ede

E 165 Hope for the Ocean: Marine Conservation, Poverty Alleviation and Blessing the Nations by Robert D. Sluka

E 161 Uncovering Isaiah’s Environmental Ethics by Margot R. Hodson

E 151 Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities? by David Williams

E 149 Caring for Creation: Part of our Gospel Calling? by Stella Simiyu & Peter Harris

E 148 Tenants in God’s Land: Earth-keeping and People-keeping in the Old Testament by Iain Provan

E 114 Genetic Engineering for a New Earth: Theology and Ethics of the New Biology by Celia Deane-Drummond

Biblical Series

B 50 The Earth is the Lord’s: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues by Hilary Marlow

Discipleship Series

iD 7 Following Jesus in the Great Outdoors by Richard Tiplady

iD 2 Renewing the Life of the Earth: Christian Discipleship and Environmental Action by Rachel Mash

Doctrine Series

D4 Creation and Ecology: Why the Doctrine of Creation ex nihilo Matters Today by Joanna Leidenhag

Education Series

eD 24 Changing the Climate by Adrian Brown. (Martin Hodson reviewed this booklet HERE)

Mission and Evangelism Series

MEv 134 Climate Action as Mission: How to Link the Gospel with Safeguarding Creation by Grace Thomas and Mark Coleman

MEv 127 Forest Church: Earthed Perspectives on the Gospel by Cate Williams (Richard Clarkson reviewed this booklet HERE)


Spirituality Series

S 164 Muddy Church by Wendy Coleman

S 136 Into the Garden: Cultivation as a Tool for Spiritual Formation and Community Renewal by Rachel Woods

Worship Series

W 238 How to Celebrate Creation by Ian Tarrant

Youth Series

Y 42 Creation—Steps to Sustainability: Tackling Environmental Issues with Young People by Wayne Talbot


Older Booklets

Grove produced a number of booklets on environmental matters that are now out of print, but can sometimes but found at second-hand outlets such as AbeBooks. Among these are:

W 137 Making Creation Visible: God’s Earth in Christian Worship by Andrew Pearson

Caring for the Earth- the Environment, Christians and the Church by the late Keith Innes (Grove Ethical Studies No. 66, 1987)

The Christian Green Heritage: World as Creation. by the late Edward Echlin  (Grove Ethical Studies No. 74, 1990, 2nd ed.)


Grove Bites

In 2020 Grove started a series of videos where they are looking at the issues raised by their latest booklets. In October 2020 there were THREE videos of interest to JRI, all discussing the booklet, “COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future”, but actually also concerning issues going much wider than that:

a) Dr Martin Hodson is interviewed by Revd. Richard Steel, the Chairman of Grove Books. (9 minutes)

b) Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund) is also interviewed by Revd. Richard Steel. (10 minutes)

c) Revd. Richard Steel discusses three recent booklets with Revd Alexandra Guest and Revd Steve Morris. The video is 25 minutes long and there is a very interesting discussion on the environment and the Church in the final part beginning around 15 minutes and 20 seconds in.