Space: Exploration, Environments and Earth

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper number 38 – ‘Space: Exploration, Environments and Earth’ by Dr. Robert S. Dutch. This paper looks at the benefits gained from space, the risks of space exploration, weather, debris and near-Earth objects, and considers how assessing these requires ethical consideration, including Christian involvement and ethical input. The paper is structured around four main headings: Space exploration, Space Weather, Space debris and near-Earth objects, and Engaging with space. It is available as a pdf download, 20 pages, with live weblinks in the references, from this link, and from the Briefings page on this website.

This paper follows from Dr. Dutch’s Briefing Paper ‘Natural Radioactivity, Radiation Exposure and Our Environment’, which is also available from the Briefings page.

The image of the International Space Station with this post is a free image from Pixabay