Two New Grove Booklets

Two new Grove booklets with environmental topics have been published recently, continuing a strong theme in recent years. We know of at least one more coming soon! We have collected all of the booklets we can find onto one page- Green Grove. But here are the new additions:

E201 Marine Plastics by Robert D. Sluka. (£3.95) “The dependence of modern society on plastic, combined with human impact on the environment, means that the presence of plastic is ubiquitous. It can have a positive role, but much of its impact is now negative. How does plastic affect our relationship with creation, with other people, with God and with ourselves? How can we bring the healing offered in the cross of Christ to others through a better use of plastic? This study offers both theological insights and practical ways forward.”


D4 Creation and Ecology: Why the Doctrine of Creation ex nihilo Matters Today by Joanna Leidenhag. (£3.95) “The Christian doctrine of God creating the cosmos from nothing (‘ex nihilo’) is not immediately evident from any one text in the Bible, but was developed in response to early challenges to the biblical view of the relationship of God to the world.And it transpires that this doctrine teaches us essential things both about God and about the world we live in. Rightly understood, it provides startling insights into the current environmental crisis and how we might respond to it.”